Absorbent-Ground Studio (AGS)

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                send me your favorite photograph, and i will turn it into a painting, or hand drawn portrait of your choice! Portraits drawn or painted from your photographs make wonderful, unique and original gifts for many occasions including:Christenings, Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas and much more! They also make great family heirlooms. Turn your photograph into a masterpiece for many years of display and enjoyment!

All prices though the web store include a signed Certificate of Authenticity, tax, free postage and packing, and insurance on delivery. You know your purchase is secure and there are no hidden fees!

  Many sizes are available, and can be ordered as an acrylic painting on stretched canvas, color pencil on high quality paper or black and white pencil on high quality paper. (see Web Store tab)

Any high resolution photographs can be painted or hand drawn. I can also draw photographs that may not be high in resolution, but the sharper the photo quality, the more detail i can draw. Resulting in as much realism as possible.

 Any subject can be painted, including: pets, farm animals, farms, wildlife, landscapes, homesteads, bikes, cars, boats, and much, much more!

Why Absorbent-Ground Studio?

All art is hand drawn and hand painted. I do not digitally create art in any way.  All art is created by the same artist. There is no production line of different artists working on your piece of art. Everything is hand crafted from start to finish, and signed. I do not print images onto canvas and draw/ paint over them!

When you purchase a piece of art, you purchase an original piece of art that is not mass produced by printing, or painted by different people on an assembly line. The art you purchase here is extremely likely to go up in value, but a piece of mass produced art is not going to be worth the fraction of the price you paid for it in a couple of years.

All of my artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, free postage and packing, and insured for delivery... all included in the price! 

A customer's portraits on the wall.

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